Solaris Volume Manager Administration Guide

ProcedureHow to Remove a Soft Partition

  1. Read the Configuration Guidelines for Soft Partitions.

  2. Use one of the following methods to delete a soft partition:

    • From the Enhanced Storage tool within the Solaris Management Console, open the Volumes node. Choose the soft partition that you want to expand, then choose Action->Properties, then follow the instructions on screen. For more information, see the online help.

    • To delete a soft partition, use one of the following forms of the metaclear command:

      metaclear [-s disk-set] component
      metaclear [-s disk-set] -r soft-partition
      metaclear [-s disk-set] -p component              


      • disk-set is the disk set in which the soft partition exists.

      • soft-partition is the soft partition to delete.

      • r specifies to recursively delete logical volumes, but not volumes on which others depend.

      • p specifies to purge all soft partitions on the specified component, except those soft partitions that are open.

      • component is the component from which to clear all of the soft partitions.

Example 13–5 Removing a Soft Partition

This example shows how to delete all soft partitions on c1t4d2s0.

# metaclear -p c1t4d2s0