Solaris Volume Manager Administration Guide

Administering Hot Spare Pools

Solaris Volume Manager enables you to dynamically add, delete, replace, and enable hot spares within hot spare pools. You can use either the Solaris Management Console or the command-line utilities to administer hot spares and hot spare pools. See Chapter 17, Hot Spare Pools (Tasks) for details on these tasks.

Hot Spare Pool States

The following table explains hot spare pool states and possible actions to take.

Table 16–1 Hot Spare Pool States (Command Line)





The hot spares are running and ready to accept data, but are not currently being written to or read from. 



This hot spare pool includes slices that have been used to replace failed components in a redundant volume.  

Diagnose how the hot spares are being used. Then, repair the slice in the volume for which the hot spare is being used. 


There is a problem with a hot spare or hot spare pool, but there is no immediate danger of losing data. This status is also displayed if all the hot spares are in use or if any hot spares are broken. 

Diagnose how the hot spares are being used or why they are broken. You can add more hot spares to the hot spare pool, if desired.