System Administration Guide: Basic Administration

How to List Information About All Installed Packages (pkginfo)

List information about installed packages with the pkginfo command.

$ pkginfo

Example—Listing All Packages Installed

The following example shows the pkginfo command to list all packages installed on a local system, whether that system is a standalone or server. The output shows the primary category, package name, and the description of the package.

$ pkginfo
system      SUNWaccr       System Accounting, (Root)
system      SUNWaccu       System Accounting, (Usr)
system      SUNWadmap      System administration applications
system      SUNWadmc       System administration core libraries

Example—Displaying Detailed Information About Software Packages

$ pkginfo -l SUNWcar
      NAME:  Core Architecture, (Root)
  CATEGORY:  system
      ARCH:  sparc.sun4u
   VERSION:  11.9.0,REV=2002.
   BASEDIR:  /
    VENDOR:  Sun Microsystems, Inc.
      DESC:  core software for a specific hardware platform group
    PSTAMP:  leo20031111173915
  INSTDATE:  Apr 02 2004 11:29
   HOTLINE:  Please contact your local service provider
    STATUS:  completely installed
     FILES:      114 installed pathnames
                  36 shared pathnames
                  40 directories
                  57 executables
               21725 blocks used (approx)