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Solaris 9 9/05 HW Release Notes Supplement for Sun Hardware

Solaris 9 9/05 HW

Includes Additional Release Notes and End-of- Support Statements for the Solaris 9 Operating Environment Running on Sun Hardware Products



1. Late-Breaking News

Solaris 9 9/05 HW Release

Supported Platforms

Solaris 9 9/05 HW Software Supplement CD

SunVTS 5.1 Patch Set 12

Sun OpenGL 1.3 for Solaris

Naming of Media Kit Disks and Documentation

Name Change for the Supplement CD

Documents on the Software Supplement CD

Systems with UltraSPARC IV+ Boards Require Solaris 9 9/05

Unbundled Product Support

Flash PROM Update for 64-Bit Operations

DVD-ROM/CD-ROM Drives on Headless Systems (Bug ID 4365497)

Sun StorEdge SAN Foundation Software and Documentation

New Dynamic Reconfiguration (DR) Documentation

2. End-of-Support Products

Products Not Supported in the Solaris 9 9/05 HW Operating Environment

sun4d Servers

Ethernet Quad Drivers qe and qec

Alternate Pathing Multipath I/O

Token Ring Network Drivers

PC File Viewer

PC Launcher

SunFDDI and SunHSI/S Drivers

ShowMe TV

Solaris Maintenance Updates

Future End-of-Support Products

le Drivers

SPC Driver

Sun4m Platform Group

Tape Devices

Storage Interfaces

Sun StorEdge Systems

3. Open Issues

Issues Specific to Systems Using Solaris 9 9/05 HW

Electronic Disk Label Might Not Be on a Replacement or an Optional Disk Drive

The prtfru Command Might Not Display the SP Segment for Memory DIMM and Power Supply PROMs (Bug ID 4905815)

Garbage Characters Might Appear in a Console After Exiting From an rlogin to Another Host (Bug ID 6403830)

X-server Fails to Start on a Sun Fire V445, Sun Ultra 25, or Sun Ultra 45 With a Keyboard and Mouse Connected to the Front USB Ports (Bug ID 6434056)

Correctable Fabric Errors Occur Between PLX Switch and PCI-E Graphics Frame Buffers (Bug ID 6456573)

Systems Equipped With the XVR-300 Frame Buffer Might Experience a System Panic or Reset Under Heavy Graphics Load (Bug ID 6455050)

Sun Ultra 25 or Ultra 45 Workstation Under Heavy Graphics Load Might Experience a "Bad Trap - dtwm illegal" Panic (Bug ID 6468763)

Sun Ultra 25 or Ultra 45 Workstation Equipped with an XVR-100 Frame Buffer and Emulex-Based PCI Fibre Channel HBAs, and Running SAN 4.4.x Software, Might Experience a Panic on Config Boots (Bug ID 6468781)

Sun Ultra 25 or Ultra 45 Workstation With Multiple Ethernet Adapters Might Experience a Panic Under Extreme Network Load (Bug ID 6473168)

raidctl Command Might Not Display the RAID Volume for a Hardware Mirror Volume After a Disk Failure (Bug ID 6469374)

When Hot-Plugging USB Devices, the prtconf Command Might Show Devices That Are Not Plugged In (Bug ID 6467999)

When Hot-Plugging a Power Supply on a Sun Fire V445, PICL Commands Might Not Report Some New Power Supply Information (Bug ID 6430436)

Sun Ultra 25 or Ultra 45 Workstation Does Not Support Adaptec FireConnect 8300 Card With This Release (Bug ID 6475430)

Application-Specific Issues

SunScreen SKIP 1.1.1 Not Supported


Sun Remote System Control


Platform-Specific Issues

Upgrade Firmware on Sun Fire and Netra Servers Before Installation (Bug ID 4747307, 4799331)

Netra Servers

Error Message Appears for Netra X1 in Solaris 9 (Bug ID 4663358)

Sun StorEdge Systems

Incorrect Parameters Might Cause Panic in Sun StorEdge T3 (Bug ID 4319812)

Sun Fire Systems

XVR-4000 Might Not Be Recognized After Solaris Installation (Bug ID 4842377)

Sun Fire V250 Installation

Sun Fire 6800 Might Crash When Running trapstat (Bug IDs 4978865 and 4979012)

prtdiag Does Not Show System Board After the Board Is Added to the Domain Using DR (Bug ID 6309113)

Sun Fire 15K/12K Systems

Updated Flash Image for Sun Fire 15K/12K Systems Running SMS 1.2 (Bug ID 4728549)

Other Issues

Network Drivers Installed by Default

Last Connection to Subsystem Might Detach (Bug ID 4432827)

Pulled Cable on Dual-Channel FC PCI Card Is Undetected (Bug ID 4438711)

Devices Might Not Appear After Boot (Bug ID 4456545)

System Might Loop When Master CPU Is Changed (Bug ID 4405263)

Some DVD and CD-ROM Drives Fail to Boot Solaris (Bug ID 4397457)

probe-scsi-all OBP Command Must Be Followed by reset-all (Bug ID 4589231)

Patch Obsoleted for Firmware Upgrade (Bug ID 5053382)

4. Dynamic Reconfiguration on Sun Fire Midrange Systems

General Information

Minimum SC Firmware

System Board Classes

Sun Management Center

Upgrading System Firmware

Known DR Software Bugs

cfgadm_sbd Plug-In Signal Handling Is Broken (BugID 4498600)

SBM Sometimes Causes System Panic During DR Operations (Bug ID 4506562)

DR Hangs During Configure Operation with IB Board with vxdmpadm policy=check_all (Bug ID 4509462)

Cannot DR Out cPCI IB with P0 Disabled (BugID 4798990)

panic: mp_cpu_quiesce: cpu_thread != cpu_idle_thread (BugID 4873353)

5. Dynamic Reconfiguration on Sun Fire High-End Systems

Known Bugs

Deleteboard Shows Leakage Error (BugID 4730142)

glm: Hang in scsi_transport During DR (BugID 4737786)

System Panic During ddi_attach sequence (BugID 4797110)

Panic: mp_cpu_quiesce: cpu_thread != cpu_idle_thread (BugID 4873353)

cfgadm_sbd Plugin Signal Handling Is Broken (BugID 4498600)

page_retire Does Not Update Retired Page List in Some Cases (BugID 4893666)

Page Removal Causes a Good Page to be Removed After a DR Operation (BugID 4860955)

6. Sun Enterprise Midrange Systems

Dynamic Reconfiguration on Sun Enterprise 6x00, 5x00, 4x00, and 3x00 Systems

Supported Hardware

Software Notes

procedure iconsmall spaceTo Enable Dynamic Reconfiguration

Quiesce Test

Disabled Board List

Disabled Memory List

Unloading Detach-Unsafe Drivers

Interleaved Memory

Self-Test Failure During a Connect Sequence

Known Bugs

Memory Interleaving Set Incorrectly After a Fatal Reset (Bug ID 4156075)

DR: Cannot Unconfigure a CPU/Memory Board That Has Interleaved Memory (Bug ID 4210234)

DR: Cannot Unconfigure a CPU/Memory Board That Has Permanent Memory (Bug ID 4210280)

cfgadm Disconnect Fails When Running Concurrent cfgadm Commands (Bug ID 4220105)

Cannot Drain or Detach Sun Enterprise Server Boards That Host QFE Cards (Bug ID 4231845)

7. Sun Enterprise 10000 Systems

Dynamic Reconfiguration Issues

DR Model 3.0

General Issues

DR and Bound User Processes

Enabling DR 3.0 Requires an Extra Step in Certain Situations (Bug ID 4507010)

InterDomain Networks (IDN)

General Issues

Solaris Operating Environment

General Issues

Solaris 9 9/05 and Boot Disk Partition Sizes

OpenBoot PROM Variables

procedure iconsmall spaceTo Set the local-mac-address? Variable