Solaris 9 9/05 HW Release Notes

Some Systems With USB 2.0 Hardware Might Hang or Panic (5030842)

Systems with certain USB 2.0 hardware might frequently hang or panic when running this Solaris release. These problems are associated with USB 2.0 devices that are not based on the NEC chip set. When these problems occur, the system generates error messages that involve Enhanced Host Controller Interface (EHCI).

Workaround: Depending on your system's hardware configuration, choose one of the following options:

Note –

USB 2.0 ports are operated by two companion hardware pieces:

On x86 based systems, drivers for both OHCI and UHCI exist. On SPARC based systems, only OHCI USB 1.1 host controller hardware is supported. Therefore, only USB hardware with OHCI companion controllers continue to work on SPARC systems whose companion EHCI controller is disabled. Ports of the USB hardware remain operational even with EHCI disabled, provided that your system has the proper OHCI or UHCI drivers. USB 2.0 devices that are connected to these ports run only as fast as a USB 1.1 device.

To verify whether EHCI and OHCI host controllers exist on your SPARC based systems, type:

# prtconf -D

Check the output for EHCI entries next to one or more OHCI entries, similar to the following example:

pci, instance #0 (driver name: pci_pci)
usb, instance #0 (driver name: usba10_ohci)
usb, instance #1 (driver name: usba10_ohci)
usb, instance #0 (driver name: usba10_ehci)