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Sun Server CLI Tools and IPMItool User's Guide

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Installing Components

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Getting the Software

Sun SSM Component Manager Overview

(Linux and Solaris Operating Systems) Using Component Manager

(Linux and Solaris Operating Systems) Using Component Manager in Interactive Mode

(Linux and Solaris Operating Systems) Using Component Manager in Unattended Mode

(Windows Operating Systems) Using Component Manager

BIOS Configuration Tool

BIOSconfig Dependencies

BIOSconfig Terminology

Using BIOSconfig

BIOSconfig Command Overview

How to View BIOSconfig Command Options

How to View BIOSconfig Version Information

What Changes the Boot List

Important Notes on Devices

Configuring the Device Boot Order

How to Make a Persistent Change to Boot Order

How to Switch Boot Devices

How to Specify a Subset of Strings and a Subset of the Boot List

How to Move Boot List Entries

How to Change Boot Order Based on the PCI Bus, Device, or Function

How to Configure for PXE to Boot First

How to Configure for the Hard Drive to Boot First

How to Configure for Any CD/DVD to Boot First

How to Configure for Any Floppy or Removable Media to Boot First

BIOS CMOS Configuration

How to Configure the BIOS CMOS Using a Golden CMOS Image

How to Apply the Golden Image

Configuring Individual CMOS Settings

How to Retrieve Static CMOS Settings

How to Configure a Dynamic Setting

How to Configure NET0_Option_ROM

How to View Chipset-Related Settings

How to Configure System Powered Off

How to Turn Off Quick Boot and Power Off Options

Failure Return Codes

Commands Produce Unrelated, Innocuous, Extra Output

BIOSconfig for Solaris OS

How to View BIOSconfig Commands in Solaris OS

How to Obtain the BMC Driver

BIOSconfig for Windows

BIOSconfig for Windows Known Issues

BIOSconfig Error Messages

IPMItool for Windows

IPMItool Overview

Sun IPMI System Management Driver 2.1

How to Install Sun IPMI System Management Driver 2.1 Manually

How to Perform Unattended Installation of the Sun IPMI System Management Driver 2.1

How to Verify IPMItool Installation


Using BIOSconfig


Caution - Do not use this tool to change BIOS settings that are not visible in the normal BIOS setup menu.

To use BIOSconfig, the user must have a working knowledge of editing XML files. The process of editing the BIOS includes using BIOSconfig to do the following tasks:

  1. Runs BIOSconfig to create an XML file.

  2. Reviews the XML file and modifies it, if necessary, to configure the system to their specific needs.

  3. Writes the XML file back to the system (or another system) using BIOSconfig.

The following sections describe how to execute a detailed configuration.

Note - In the output examples in this section, all white space outside the XML elements is optional (for example, indentation is optional).

See also:

BIOSconfig Dependencies

BIOSconfig Terminology

BIOSconfig Command Overview