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Sun Server Management Agents User's Guide

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Change History

Introduction to Sun Server Management Agents

Sun Server Management Agents Features

Sun Server Hardware Management Agent

Sun Server Hardware SNMP Plugins

Sun Server Storage Management Agent

Installing Components

Getting Started


Getting the Software

Sun SSM Component Manager Overview

(Linux and Solaris Operating Systems) Using Component Manager

(Linux and Solaris Operating Systems) Using Component Manager in Interactive Mode

(Linux and Solaris Operating Systems) Using Component Manager in Unattended Mode

(Windows Operating Systems) Using Component Manager

Configuring Hardware Management Agent and Hardware SNMP Plugins

Hardware Management Agent Configuration File

Configuring the Hardware Management Agent Logging Level

How to Configure the Hardware Management Agent Logging Level:

(Solaris and Linux Operating Systems) Hardware Management Agent Runtime Options

Configuring your Host Operating System's SNMP

(Solaris and Linux Operating Systems) Configuring Net-SNMP/SMA

(Windows Operating Systems) Configuring SNMP

Sun Server Hardware SNMP Plugins

Overview of Sun HW Monitoring MIB

Sun Server Product and Chassis

Sun Server Service Processor

Sun Server Hardware Monitoring MIB

Sun Server Hardware Management Agent

Sun Server Hardware Inventory

Sun Server Hardware Monitor Sensor Group



Overview of Sun HW Trap MIB

Working With Management Agents

Retrieving and Setting Information Through SNMP







Generating SNMP Traps

Troubleshooting Management Agents

General Management Agents Troubleshooting

Solaris Operating System Troubleshooting

Issues Installing SUNWssm-hwmgmt-config

How to Solve Problems Using SUNWssm-hwmgmt-config

Issues Installing with pkgadd

How to Remove a Packaging Lock File

Linux Troubleshooting

Release Notes

Component Manager Issues

Differences in Hardware Management Agent SNMP Traps

Red Hat Installation Dependencies

Red Hat Conflict with SElinux

Install Path Issues

Missing Disk Information

Sun X6250 Server Module Wrong Service Processor Version Number

Gaps in sunHwMonInventoryGroup

Gaps in sunHwMonSensorGroup

SunHwMonInventoryTable Shows Incorrect Number of DIMMs

SunHwMonDiscreteHardDriveSensorTable Incorrect Sensors

Enterprise Field is Populated with Incorrect OID

ILOM 3.0 and Windows Server 2003 R2 Extended Data Mode Issue

Sun Blade X6450 with ILOM 2.0 and Windows Server 2003 Issue

Windows Hardware Management Agent snmpwalk on a Sensor Group Issue

Windows Hardware Management Agent SNMP Get Returns Empty String

Adaptec RAID Volumes not Reflected in ILOM CLI using Windows Storage Management Agent

Driver Errors in Windows Application Log

Ordering of Physical and Logical Disks Inconsistent Between Linux and Windows Storage Viewer

Storage Management Agent Windows 2003


Issues Installing SUNWssm-hwmgmt-config

If you encounter the following error message from pkgadd(1M) while trying to install SUNWssm-hwmgmt-config:

svccfg: Temporary service "TEMP/application/management/hwagentd" must be deleted before this manifest can be imported.

This problem can be caused by a previous installation of SUNWssm-hwmgmt-config being interrupted, which can leave the SMF(5) registration in an incomplete state. Before attempting another installation, you need to remove the file at TEMP/application/management/hwagentd.