Sun Java System Directory Server Enterprise Edition 6.0 Developer's Guide

Set Configuration Information Through the Parameter Block

Directory Server passes a parameter block pointer to the plug-in initialization function. This parameter block holds configuration information. The parameter block can hold other data from Directory Server. The parameter block is the structure into which you add configuration information and pointers to plug-in functions using calls to slapi_pblock_set().

Tip –

To read parameter values, use slapi_pblock_get(). To write parameter values, use slapi_pblock_set(). Using other functions can cause the server to crash.

Specifying Compatibility

You specify compatibility with the plug-in API version as defined in slapi-plugin.h, which is described in Part II, Directory Server Plug-In API Reference. If you are creating a new plug-in, for example, use SLAPI_PLUGIN_CURRENT_VERSION or SLAPI_PLUGIN_VERSION_03. For example, to specify that a plug-in supports the current version, version 3, of the plug-in API, use the following:


Here, pb is the parameter block pointer passed to the initialization function. SLAPI_PLUGIN_VERSION signifies that you are setting plug-in API version compatibility in the parameter block.

Specifying the Plug-In Description

Specify the plug-in description in a Slapi_PluginDesc structure, as specified in slapi-plugin.h and described in Part II, Directory Server Plug-In API Reference. Call slapi_pblock_set() to register the description:

slapi_pblock_set(pb, SLAPI_PLUGIN_DESCRIPTION,(void *) &desc);

Here, desc is a Slapi_PluginDesc structure that contains the plug-in description. See Example 4–1.