Sun Java System Directory Server Enterprise Edition 6.0 Developer's Guide

Determining Whether a Suffix Is Served Locally

Use slapi_dn_isbesuffix() function which takes as its two arguments a parameter block and a char * to the root suffix DN, as demonstrated in the following example.

Example 5–9 Determining Whether a Suffix Is Local (dns.c)

#include "slapi-plugin.h"

test_dns(Slapi_PBlock * pb)
    char * bind_DN;                    /* DN being used to bind    */
    char * parent_DN;                  /* DN of parent entry       */
    char * suffix_DN;                  /* DN of suffix entry       */

    slapi_pblock_get(pb, SLAPI_BIND_TARGET, &bind_DN);

    /* Get the suffix DN of the DN being used to bind.             */
    suffix_DN = slapi_dn_beparent(pb, bind_DN);

    /* Climb the tree to the top suffix and check if it is local.  */
    while (suffix_DN != NULL &&
        !slapi_dn_isbesuffix(pb, suffix_DN)) {
        suffix_DN = slapi_dn_parent(suffix_DN);
    if (suffix_DN != NULL) {
        /* Suffix is served locally. */ ;
    } else {
        /* Suffix is not served locally. */ ;

    return 0;

Notice the use of slapi_dn_isbesuffix() to move up the tree. Notice also that slapi_dn_parent() keeps working away at the DN until the DN that is left is NULL. The parent does not necessarily correspond to an actual entry.