Sun Java System Directory Server Enterprise Edition 6.0 Developer's Guide

How a Plug-In Modifies Authentication

A preoperation bind function can modify Directory Server authentication in one of two ways. The plug-in either completely bypasses the comparison of incoming authentication information to authentication information stored in the directory database or implements a custom SASL mechanism.

Bypassing Authentication

Some plug-ins bypass the comparison of authentication information in the client request to authentication information in the directory. Such plug-ins return nonzero values. A value of 1 prevents the server from completing the bind after the preoperation function returns. Use this approach when you store all authentication information outside the directory, without mapping authentication identities through LDAP or the plug-in API. In addition to the other validation of the plug-in, you must verify that the plug-in works well with server access control mechanisms.

Refer to Developing a Simple Authentication Plug-In for an example.

Using Custom SASL Mechanisms

If the plug-in implements a custom SASL mechanism, clients that use that mechanism must support it as well.

Refer to Developing a SASL Authentication Plug-In for a plug-in example.