Sun Java System Directory Server Enterprise Edition 6.0 Developer's Guide


Performs an internal add operation of a new directory entry.


#include "slapi-plugin.h"
 int slapi_add_internal_pb(Slapi_PBlock *pb);


This function takes the following parameter:


A parameter block that has been initialized using slapi_add_internal_set_pb().


This function returns -1 if the parameter passed is a NULL pointer. Otherwise, it returns 0.

After your code calls this function, the server sets SLAPI_PLUGIN_INTOP_RESULT in the parameter block to the appropriate LDAP result code. You can therefore check SLAPI_PLUGIN_INTOP_RESULT in the parameter block to determine whether an error has occurred.


This function performs an internal add operation based on a parameter block. The parameter block should be initialized by calling slapi_add_internal_set_pb() or slapi_add_entry_internal_set_pb().

Memory Concerns

None of the parameters that are passed to slapi_add_internal_set_pb() or slapi_add_entry_internal_set_pb() are altered or consumed by this function. The entry parameter that is passed to slapi_add_entry_internal_set_pb() is consumed by a successful call to this function.