Sun Java System Identity Synchronization for Windows 6.0 Deployment Planning Guide

Directory Server Information

The Sun Java System Directory Server topology includes four preferred Directory Server and four master replicas. Directory Server is the corporate directory server used to control access to web-based applications. The directory server has a single root suffix, dc=gt,dc=com. Information about users is stored in the ou=people, dc=gt,dc=example,dc=com container with uid as the naming attribute.

All four preferred Directory Server have replication agreements with each other, but the four master replicas only have replication agreements with two of the masters.

Note –

Identity Synchronization for Windows treats hub replicas the same as read-only replicas. In many scenarios, using a hub replica is preferred to using a read-only replica because a hub can be easily promoted to a preferred Directory Server.

Figure 3–1 Data Center Information for Directory Server

Data Center Information for Directory Server