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Sun Fire X4470 Server Installation Guide
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Document Information


1.  Preparing to Install the Server

Tools and Equipment Needed

Server Installation Task Checklist

Opening the Box

Server Box Contents


ESD Precautions

Server Description

Front Panel Features

Back Panel Features

Server Supported Components

Sun Fire X4470 Server Supported Components and Capabilities

Server Specifications

Physical Specifications

Electrical Specifications

Environmental Requirements

Managing Your Server

2.  Installing the Server Into a Rack With Slide-Rails

Before You Begin

Server Installation Process Overview

Rack Compatibility

Disassembling Slide-Rails

Disassemble Slide-Rails

Installing the Mounting Brackets Onto the Server

Install Mounting Brackets

Attaching the Slide-Rail Assemblies to the Rack

Attach Slide-Rail Assemblies

Installing the Server Into the Slide-Rail Assemblies

Install Server Into the Slide-Rail Assemblies

Installing the Cable Management Arm

Install Cable Management Arm

Verifying Operation of the Slide-Rails and CMA

Verify Operation of Slide-Rails and CMA

3.  Attaching Cables and Power Cords

Back Panel Connectors and Ports

Attaching Cables to the Server

Cable the Server

Connecting Power Cords to the Server

Connect the Power Cords

4.  Connecting to Oracle ILOM and Applying Main Power to the Server

Connecting to Oracle ILOM

Network Defaults

Log In to Oracle ILOM Using a Serial Connection

Log In to Oracle ILOM Using an Ethernet Connection

Modify Network Settings

Test IPv4 or IPv6 Network Configuration

Exit Oracle ILOM

Applying Main Power to the Server

Apply Main Power to the Server

Power Off From Main Power

5.  Installing or Configuring the Operating System

Installing an Operating System

Configuring a Preinstalled Operating System

6.  Configuring the Preinstalled Solaris 10 Operating System

Configuration Worksheet

Configuring Server RAID Drives

Configuring the Preinstalled Solaris 10 Operating System

Configure Solaris 10 OS

Solaris 10 Operating System User Information

Solaris 10 User Documentation

Using the Solaris Installation Program

Reinstalling the Solaris Operating System

Download the Solaris Operating System


Chapter 6

Configuring the Preinstalled Solaris 10 Operating System

This chapter explains the steps for configuring the Oracle Solaris 10 Operating System (OS) that is preinstalled on server, if ordered. The preinstalled Solaris version is Solaris 10 10/09 or later.

Note - Unlike with SPARC systems, you will not see the output of the preinstalled Solaris 10 image through a monitor when you power on the server. You will see the BIOS power-on self-test (POST) and other boot information output.

This chapter includes the following topics: