Java Dynamic Management Kit 5.1 Tutorial

5.9 Running the Base Agent Example

The examplesDir/current/BaseAgent/ directory contains the source file of the BaseAgent application.

To Run the Base Agent Example
  1. Compile the file in this directory with the javac command.

    For example, on the Solaris platform, type:

    $ cd examplesDir/current/BaseAgent/
    $ javac -classpath classpath *.java

    Again, we do not need the MBean classes at compile time, but they will be needed at runtime, because we do not use a dynamic class loader. You will need to have compiled the standard and dynamic MBean classes as described in 1.3 Running the Standard MBean Example and 2.3 Running the Dynamic MBean Example. If you want to load any other class in the base agent, you must include its directory or JAR file in the classpath.

  2. To run the example, update your classpath to find the MBeans and start the agent class:

    $ java -classpath classpath:../StandardMBean:../DynamicMBean BaseAgent

5.9.1 Agent Output

This agent displays output for the MBean created.

When the connection MBeans have been created, it is possible to connect to the agent through the HTML adaptor.

When you have finished, press Enter to remove all MBeans from the agent and exit the agent application.