Java Dynamic Management Kit 5.1 Tutorial JmxMBeanServerImpl

JmxMBeanServerImpl instruments the jmxMBeanServer group defined in the MIB. It implements the JmxMBeanServerMBean interface that is generated by mibgen, but unlike the previous example, it does not extend the generated JmxMBeanServer skeleton. As a result of not extending the JmxMBeanServer object, and also because the MIB was generated with the -X:no-table-access option, the generated TableJmxMBeanTable and TableJmxMBeanAttrTable objects are not instantiated. Although they are still generated by mibgen, these classes are not used in this example.

The jmxMBeanTable and jmxMBeanAttrTable tables are implemented as virtual tables. They are computed on the fly when an SNMP request needs to access them. Furthermore, the jmxMBeanTable and jmxMBeanAttrTable tables are managed by their respective customized JmxMBeanTableMetaImpl and JmxMBeanAttrTableMetaImpl meta objects. In the table instrumentation example, the tables were managed by the JmxMBeanServerImpl object.