Java Dynamic Management Kit 5.1 Tutorial JmxMBeanAttrTableMetaImpl

JmxMBeanAttrTableMetaImpl extends the generated JmxMBeanAttrTableMeta class, and overrides the following methods.

The methods createNewEntry(SnmpMibSubRequest req, SnmpOid rowOid, int depth), and removeTableRow(SnmpMibSubRequest req, SnmpOid rowOid, int depth) are not overriden. The table is read-only, so these methods will never be called.

This class does not use any specific caching mechanism. Since the jmxMBeanAttrTable is an extension of the jmxMBeanTable it simply relies on the cache established for the jmxMBeanTable. The list of attributes pertaining to a specific MBean is cached, if necessary, in the corresponding JmxMBeanEntryImpl object, which can be reclaimed at the end of the request. Note that attribute values are not cached, but rather they are obtained when they are needed.