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Users Complain of Poor Performance With Windows Desktop Sessions

When using Windows Terminal Services, users might complain that the performance of Windows desktop sessions is poor. This can be caused by using animation effects and other desktop settings in the Windows session. Performance is affected because these features require more screen updates and can greatly increase the bandwidth used. The problem is more severe on slower connections.

The things that can cause these problems include the following:

By default, the SGD Terminal Services Client (ttatsc) enables these features.

You can turn off these features off by configuring one or more -perf disable option command arguments in the Arguments for Protocol attribute (--protoargs) for the Windows application object. The option can be one of the following:

Option Description
wallpaper Disables the desktop wallpaper. Disabling the wallpaper can reduce the amount of data that is updated when users move items around the desktop.
fullwindowdrag Disables the option to show the contents of a window while it is moved.
menuanimations Disables transition effects for menus and tooltips.
theming Disables desktop themes.
cursorshadow Disables the shadow on the mouse pointer.
cursorsettings Disables mouse pointer schemes and customizations.
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