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About Your SGD Installation

The standard installation directory for SGD is /opt/tarantella.

Secure Global Desktop Setup lets installers choose a different installation directory. To find out your installation directory, use the following commands:

The SGD installation directory contains the following subdirectories:

The following sections describes what is in each of these subdirectories and what they are used for.

bin Directory

The bin directory contains the scripts, binaries and server-side Java™ technology needed to run SGD.

etc Directory

The etc directory contains configuration files that control the behavior of SGD and applications displayed through SGD. It contains the following subdirectories:

Subdirectory Contents
etc/data The following configuration files:
  • Character application object configuration files:
    • Attribute maps (attrmap.txt)
    • Color maps (colormap.txt)
  • Printing configuration files:
    • Host name maps (hostnamemap.txt)
    • Printer driver maps (default.printerinfo.txt)
    • Printer driver to printer type mappings (printertypes.txt)
    • Printer to user-friendly name mappings (printernamemap.txt)
  • RGB color names (rgb.txt)
  • Timezone configuration files
etc/data/keymaps Keyboard map files.
etc/fonts X Window System fonts and additional fonts installed with SGD.
etc/pkg Information about installed SGD packages, for example version compatibility and dependencies.
etc/templates A complete copy of the standard files that are installed in the etc/data directory and the var/serverresources directory.

var Directory

The var directory contains the files that are used by the web server and the files that the SGD server copies to other members of the array. The var directory contains many subdirectories and the important ones are listed below:

Subdirectory Contents
var/docroot The html pages used by the SGD Web Server.
var/tsp X.509 certificates and security keys.
var/ens The local repository containing the objects in the organizational hierarchy.
var/log Server log files.
var/print The print queue and fifo.
var/serverresources/expect SGD login scripts.
var/spool Files on their way to the print queue.

webserver Directory

The webserver directory contains the scripts, binaries and server-side Java technology needed to run the SGD Web Server, web services and the webtop.

Subdirectory Contents
apache All the files needed to configure and run the SGD Web Server.
tomcat All the files needed to configure and run the Tomcat JavaServer Pages (JSPs) and servlet container.
tomcat/version/webapps/axis All the files needed to run SGD web services. The webtop uses web services.
tomcat/version/webapps/sgd All the files needed to run the webtop, including the Sun Secure Global Desktop Client.
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