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Licensing and Sun Secure Global Desktop Software

Sun Secure Global Desktop Software (SGD) has two licensing modes: evaluation mode and fully licensed mode.

License mode Description
Evaluation mode
  • Applies when no license keys have been installed.
  • Lets you evaluate SGD for 30 days.
  • The size of an array is limited to two SGD servers.
  • The number of users that can log in or have running applications is limited to five.
Fully licensed
  • Applies when any license keys have been installed.
  • The size of an array is not limited.
  • The number of users that can log in or have running applications is limited by the installed license keys.

While you are evaluating SGD, the number of days remaining in the evaluation period is shown whenever a user logs in to SGD using a web browser.

After the 30-day evaluation period, users are unable to log in to their webtop, or to start or resume applications. To continue using SGD; you must obtain and install a license key.

You add license keys in the SGD Administration Console on the Global Settings, Licenses tab or by using the tarantella license add command.

License Keys and Licenses

When you install a license key, it installs the licenses that unlock the software features. Licenses are either:

The following table lists the types of license available, their basis and what they license.

License type Basis Software features
Base Component User Core functionality such as the following:
  • The ability to log in.
  • The ability to authenticate users against an LDAP directory server.
  • Support for SOCKS v5 proxy servers.
  • Support for HTTP and Secure (SSL) proxy servers.
  • The ability to traverse firewalls.
  • The ability to use secure connections.
  • Webtops, starting applications and managing sessions.
  • Support for arrays.
Windows Connectivity User The ability to run Windows applications.
UNIX Connectivity User The ability to run UNIX and Linux applications.
AS/400 Connectivity User The ability to run 5250 applications.
Mainframe Connectivity User The ability to run 3270 applications.
Advanced Load Management Array The ability to load balance application servers based on their true CPU or memory load.

User-based Licenses

User-based licenses are enforced by the software on a concurrent user basis. A user is allocated a license as soon as they use a software component. For example, when a user logs in to SGD, they are allocated a Base Component license. If they then run a Windows application, they are allocated a Windows Connectivity license. The license is released when they stop using the component.

A single user is never counted as using more than one of each type of license. For example, if user is logged in and is running four UNIX applications, the user is counted as using one Base Component license and one UNIX Connectivity license.

Note the following:

License Administration

SGD; automatically allocates and releases licenses to users as they use software components. Secure Global Desktop Administrators cannot manually allocate and release licenses, although they can end a user's SGD session and their application sessions.

The SGD log files record all license usage over time. Secure Global Desktop Administrators can use the tarantella license query command to display information on both current and past license usage.

Windows Terminal Services Licenses

SGD does not include licenses for Microsoft Windows Terminal Services. If you access terminal server functionality provided by Microsoft operating system products, you need to purchase additional licenses to use such products. Consult the license agreements for the Microsoft operating system products you are using to determine which licenses you must acquire.

Currently, information regarding Terminal Services can be found at the following URLs:

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