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Naming Objects in the Organizational Hierarchy

When you create an object in the SGD Administration Console, you can use any characters you want for the name of the object, apart from backslash (\).

On the command line, if you use a forward slash in an object name, you must backslash protect (escape) it. This is because SGD interprets the forward slash as a part of the organizational hierarchy. For example, if you try to create an object with the relative name cn=a/b beneath o=organization, SGD tries to create an object called b within o=organization/cn=a. This fails because o=organization/cn=a does not exist. To create an object with this name, type cn=a\/b.

On the command line, if the name of an object includes spaces, make sure you enclose the name in quotes, for example ".../_ens/o=Indigo Insurance".

With the tarantella object command, any name in the local repository is treated as case insensitive. When you create or rename an object, the case used is preserved. However, other tarantella commands, such as the webtopsession and emulatorsession commands, are case sensitive.

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