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Creating and Configuring a User Profile


You want to create and configure a new user profile for someone in your organization.


In the SGD Administration Console, create a user profile in the appropriate place in the organizational hierarchy, setting the attributes (especially the User Name attribute) appropriately. Then use the Assigned Applications tab to assign applications to the user.


Case Study

Indigo Insurance has a new recruit, Ginger Butcher. Ginger joins the IT department, and is an Secure Global Desktop Administrator. She has special responsibility for training, and needs to use the presentation tool Slide-o-Win regularly. You need to create and configure a user profile for Ginger.


  1. Log in to an SGD server as a Secure Global Desktop Administrator. Only Secure Global Desktop Administrators can create user profiles.
  2. On your webtop, click the SGD Administration Console.
  3. Click the User Profiles tab and use either the navigation tree or the search to select the IT organizational unit.

    The new recruit "belongs to" the IT department, so the user profile must belong in the IT organizational unit.

  4. In the content area, click the New button. The Create a New Object window displays.
  5. In the Name field, type Ginger Butcher.
  6. Ensure User Profile is selected and that cn (Common Name) is selected as the Naming Attribute.
  7. Click the Create Button. The Create a New Object window closes and the content area is updated with the new object.
  8. Click the View New Object link. The General tab for the Ginger Butcher user profile displays.
  9. Configure the user profile.
    1. In the Surname field, type the person's family name, in this case Butcher.
    2. Ensure the Login check box is selected and that the Multiple check box is not selected.

      This ensures that Ginger can log in to SGD.

    3. In the User Name field, type the user name of the person, in this case ginger.

      This attribute can be used to identify and authenticate users.

    4. In the Email Address field, type the person's full email address, in this case

      This attribute can be used to identify and authenticate users.

    5. Click Save.
  10. Click the Assigned Applications tab and use the Editable Assignments table to assign applications to Ginger.

    The applications listed on the Assigned Applications tab are the applications that appear on Ginger's webtop.

    If you want Ginger's webtop to include everything that is on the webtop of the IT organizational unit, make sure the Inherit Assigned Applications from Parent is selected.

  11. Make Ginger Butcher an Secure Global Desktop Administrator.
    1. Click Jump To Navigation View.
    2. Click the User Profiles tab.
    3. In the navigation tree, click System Objects. The System Objects table is displayed.
    4. In the System Objects table, click the Global Administrators role object. The Members tab is displayed.
    5. In the Editable Members table, click Add. The Add User Assignment window is displayed.
    6. Use either the navigation tree or the search to find the user profile for Ginger Butcher.
    7. Select the check box next to Ginger's user profile.
    8. Click Add Assignment. The Members tab is displayed and lists Ginger Butcher.

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