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Printing From a Microsoft Windows NT 3.51 Application Server

You can only print from a Microsoft Windows NT 3.51 application server if the Windows application object is configured to use the Citrix ICA Windows Protocol. You also have to configure an LPR-compatible TCP/IP printer on the application server as follows:

  1. Log in to the application server as a Windows administrator or a member of the Administration group.
  2. In Windows Control Panel, double-click Network.
  3. Click Add Software.
  4. In the Network Software list, click TCP/IP Protocol and Related Components.
  5. In Components, select the TCP/IP Network Printing Support check box.
  6. Run Printer Manager on the application server to configure the new printer.
  7. On the Printer Menu, click Create Printer.
  8. In the Driver box, click the printer model and manufacturer that most closely matches the client device's default printer. If there is no close match, choose a PostScript printer.
  9. Deselect the Share This Printer On The Network check box.
  10. In the Print To box, click Other.
  11. In the Available Print Monitors list, double-click LPR Port.
  12. In Name Or Address Of Server Providing lpd, type the full DNS name of the primary SGD server in the array.
  13. In Name Of Printer Or Print Queue On That Server, type tta_printer.


Printing from a Windows NT 3.51 application server has the following limitations:

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