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Launching a Single Application or Full-Screen Desktop Session Without Displaying a Webtop

With SGD, you can launch a single application or full-screen desktop session without displaying webtop. You can do this either by using the Desktop Direct URL, using the SGD Client in Integrated mode, or with SGD web services.

Note If an application is not assigned to the user, whether directly or indirectly (by inheritance for example), they cannot launch the application.

Using the Desktop Direct URL

The Desktop Direct URL allows users to log in and display a full-screen desktop without displaying a webtop.

To be able to use the Desktop Direct URL, the user must be assigned an application object called My Desktop (cn=My Desktop). This object is created automatically when SGD is installed. By default, the object is configured to run the default desktop application available on the SGD host, for example the Sun Java Desktop System. You can re-configure this object to run any application you want, but it works best with full-screen desktop applications. If users require different desktop applications, you can create additional My Desktop objects as required. However, users must be assigned only one My Desktop application.

Note Users can be assigned any number of applications, but the Desktop Direct URL only gives users access to the My Desktop application.

The Desktop Direct URL is URL, where is the name of an SGD server. This URL displays the SGD Login page. Once the user has logged in, the desktop session displays. The web browser can be closed.

Note There are no controls for suspending or resuming the desktop application. Users must log out of the desktop application as normal.

Using the SGD Client in Integrated Mode

You can use the SGD Client in Integrated mode. Once a user has performed an initial log in, displayed a webtop, and configured Integrated mode, the application(s) they can run display in the desktop Start or Launch menu. The user does not have to display a webtop.

Using SGD Web Services

You can use SGD web services to develop your own "application launcher" to launch a single application from a URL. You can use this method to launch an application from a bookmark or a favorite. SGD provides an example application that shows what is possible with web services.

The URL for using the SGD example application is:

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The URL has the following parameters:

Parameter Description
o=application_name The name of the application object. This does not have to be a Federated Naming (TFN) name.
u=username The user name to use to log in to SGD.
p=password The password to use to log in to SGD.
e=true|false true means display an edit page where users can override some of the application attributes.
false means do not display edit page.

Note All of the parameters are optional.

For example, the following URL launches the Write-o-win application using the configuration for the application object defined in the SGD Administration Console.

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