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Terminal Emulator Color Maps

SCO Console (ANSI) and VT420 terminals support 16 colors. The SGD terminal emulator uses a color map to determine how these colors are presented in an application session.

Note Wyse 60 terminals are monochrome. You can only switch the background and foreground colors (black and white) using the color map. However, you can map character attributes such as bold or underline to any of the 16 logical colors supported by the terminal emulator.

The color map maps the logical colors Color_0 through to Color_15 (inclusive) to colors and the RGB values that SGD uses to represent those colors. The default mappings are as follows:

Logical Color Terminal Color RGB Value Used by SGD
Color_0 Black 0 0 0
Color_1 Light red 255 0 0
Color_2 Light green 0 255 0
Color_3 Yellow 255 255 0
Color_4 Light blue 0 0 255
Color_5 Light magenta 255 0 255
Color_6 Light cyan 0 255 255
Color_7 High white 255 255 255
Color_8 Gray 128 128 128
Color_9 Red 128 0 0
Color_10 Green 0 128 0
Color_11 Brown 128 128 0
Color_12 Blue 0 0 128
Color_13 Magenta 128 0 128
Color_14 Cyan 0 128 128
Color_15 White 192 192 192

To alter the defaults for a particular application, create your own color map, and specify it in the application object's Color Map attribute.

A default text-format color map /opt/tarantella/etc/data/colormap.txt is provided.


To make the color red brighter, change the RGB setting of Color_9 to 192 0 0.

To change items that appear in light green to appear yellow, change the RGB setting of Color_2 to 255 255 0 (the RGB value of yellow).

One common color change is to switch the foreground and background colors between black and white. When you do this, you are not changing the foreground or background color as such, you are changing the way black (Color_0) and white (Color_15) are displayed. Therefore, if your application has a white background and you want to change it to a black background, change the value of Color_15 to 0 0 0 (the RGB value of black).

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