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What Do I Need to Tell My Users?

The following information is essential to help people use SGD:

Information Description
Which program to use.
  • Users can log in to SGD using one of the supported web browsers with . If Java™ technology is enabled, the Sun Secure Global Desktop Client (SGD Client) is installed automatically.
  • Users can download and install the SGD Client manually from This adds a shortcut for starting the SGD Client to the desktop Start menu.
What login URL to use.

Use to access SGD.

What user name and password to type to log in to SGD.

SGD supports several mechanisms for authenticating users. The user names and passwords depend on the enabled authentication mechanisms.

What user names and passwords to type to log in to application servers.

The applications users can access through SGD might run on many different application servers. When a user clicks a link to start an application, SGD might prompt them for a user name and password for the application server. By default, users can choose to save the authentication details in the password cache (stored securely on the SGD server) so they do not need to type their details more than once.

How to log out of a web server authenticated SGD session securely.

If you use a web server to authenticate users to SGD, users must close their web browser after logging out of SGD.

How to get help.

All users have a link to the User Guide guide on their webtop or desktop Start menu.

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