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Enabling Sound in Windows Applications

Secure Global Desktop Administrators can enable sound in Windows applications accessed using SGD. You enable sound in Windows applications as follows:

  1. Configure the Microsoft Windows application server.
  2. Configure the client device.
  3. Enable the SGD Windows audio service.

Configuring the Microsoft Windows Application Server

You can only play sound in Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Terminal Services sessions.

To enable sound in Windows applications, you must configure audio redirection on the Windows 2003 Server.

Configuring the Client Device

To be able to hear sound in an Windows application, the client device must be capable of playing sound.

Users with Solaris Operating System (Solaris OS) or Linux client devices must also have read and write access to the following audio devices:

Audio mixing on the client device is supported. On Solaris OS workstations, Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X client devices, the client hardware performs the mixing. On Linux and SunRay client devices, the Enlightened Sound Daemon (ESD or EsounD) is required to perform mixing.

Enabling the SGD Windows Audio Service

To be able to hear sound in a Windows application, the SGD Windows audio service must be enabled in the array. The Windows audio service is disabled by default.

You enable the Windows audio service as follows:

  1. In the SGD Administration Console, click the Global Settings » Client Device tab.
  2. Select the Windows audio check box.
  3. Click Save.

Alternatively, use the following command:

Skip past command syntax or program code$ tarantella config edit --array-audio 1

Note The audio service only takes effect for new user sessions. Users must log out of SGD and log back in again to enable sound in their current Windows Terminal Server sessions.

You can also set the audio quality. The default is Medium Quality Audio (sample rate 22.05kHz). Only change this setting if you experience problems with audio quality.

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