Open HA Cluster Installation Guide

ProcedureHow to Verify the Quorum Configuration and Installation Mode

Perform this procedure to verify that quorum configuration was completed successfully and that cluster installation mode is disabled.

You do not need to be superuser to run these commands.

  1. From any node, verify the device and node quorum configurations.

    phys-schost% /usr/cluster/bin/clquorum list

    Output lists each quorum device, if used, membership type, and each node.

  2. From any node, verify that cluster installation mode is disabled.

    phys-schost% /usr/cluster/bin/cluster show -t global | grep installmode
      installmode:                                    disabled

    Cluster installation and creation is complete.

Next Steps

If you want to configure a failover ZFS file system that uses COMSTAR iSCSI storage, go to one of the following procedures:

Otherwise, if you want to use IP Security Architecture (IPsec) to provide secure TCP/IP communication on the cluster interconnect, go to How to Configure IP Security Architecture (IPsec) on the Cluster Private Interconnect.

Otherwise, configure the data services that you want to run on your cluster. Go to Configuring Data Services.