Open HA Cluster Installation Guide

ProcedureHow to Install Open HA Cluster 2009.06 Software

Perform each step in this procedure as superuser on each cluster node.

Alternatively, if your user account is assigned the Primary Administrator profile, execute commands as non-root through a profile shell, or prefix the command with the pfexec command.

Note –

You cannot add or remove individual packages that are part of the ha-cluster-minimal framework software packages except by complete reinstallation or uninstallation. See How to Uninstall Open HA Cluster Software for procedures to remove the cluster framework packages.

However, you can add or remove other, optional packages without removing the ha-cluster-minimal cluster framework packages.

Before You Begin

Ensure on each node that OpenSolaris 2009.06 software is installed and that NWAM is disabled. See How to Install OpenSolaris Software on the Cluster Nodes for instructions.

  1. Connect to a machine to install as a cluster node.

  2. Install the Open HA Cluster 2009.06 software.

    phys-schost# /usr/bin/pkg install package

    The following table lists the primary group packages for Open HA Cluster 2009.06 software and the principal features that each group package contains. You must install at least the ha-cluster-minimal group package.












    Framework Man Pages 


    Data Service Man Pages 



    Agent Builder 


    Generic Data Service 


  3. Verify that the package installed successfully.

    Output is similar to the following example, which checks the installation state of the ha-cluster-full group package.

    $ /usr/bin/pkg info -r ha-cluster-full
              Name: ha-cluster-full
           Summary: Sun Cluster full installation group package
          Category: System/HA Cluster
             State: Installed
         Publisher: ha-cluster
           Version: 2009.6
  4. (Optional) Add the Open HA Cluster binary location to your PATH environment variable.

    phys-schost# PATH=$PATH:/usr/cluster/bin
  5. (Optional) Add the Open HA Cluster man-page location to your MANPATH environment variable.

    phys-schos# MANPATH=$MANPATH:/usr/cluster/man
Next Steps

Establish the new cluster. Go to How to Configure Open HA Cluster Software on All Nodes (scinstall).