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Sun Java System Application Server Platform Edition 8.1 2005Q1 Upgrade and Migration Guide 


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Typographic Conventions
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Chapter 1   Application Server Compatibility Issues
Web Server Features
Security Realms
Sun Deployment Descriptor: sun-web.xml
encodeCookies Property
CORBA Performance Option
File Formats
Certificate Database
Tools Interoperability
Primary Key Attribute Values
Command Line Interface: start-appserv and stop-appserv
Command Line Interface: asadmin
Error Codes for Start and Stop Subcommands
Dotted Names
Tokens in Attribute Values
Nulls in Attribute Values

Chapter 2   J2EE 1.4 Compatibility Issues
Binary Compatibility
Source Compatibility
Incompatibilities in the J2EE 1.4 Platform (since the J2EE 1.3 release)
JAXP and SAX Incompatibilities
Application Server 8.1 Options Incompatible with J2EE 1.4 Specification Requirements
Application Server 8.1 Options Contrary to J2EE 1.4 Specification Recommendations

Chapter 3   Upgrading an Application Server Installation
Upgrading Through the Upgrade Utility
Upgrading Through the Wizard
Correcting Potential PE Upgrade Problems
Migrating Additional HTTP Listeners Defined on the Source Server to the Target PE Server
Eliminating Problems Encountered When A Single Domain has Multiple Certificate Database Passwords

Chapter 4   Understanding Migration
J2EE Component Standards
J2EE Application Components
Migration and Deployment
Why is Migration Necessary?
What Needs to be Migrated
What is Deployment of Migrated Applications?

Chapter 5   Migrating from EJB 1.1 to EJB 2.0
EJB Query Language
Local Interfaces
EJB 2.0 Container-Managed Persistence (CMP)
Defining Persistent Fields
Defining Entity Bean Relationships
Message-Driven Beans
Migrating EJB Client Applications
Declaring EJBs in the JNDI Context
Recap on Using EJB JNDI References
Placing EJB References in the JNDI Context
Global JNDI context versus local JNDI context
Migrating CMP Entity EJBs
Migrating the Bean Class
Migration of ejb-jar.xml
Custom Finder Methods

Chapter 6   Migrating from Application Server 6.x/7.x to Application Server 8.1
Migrating Deployment Descriptors
Migrating Web Applications
Migrating Java Server Pages and JSP Custom Tag Libraries
Migrating Servlets
Obtaining a Data Source from the JNDI Context
Declaring EJBs in the JNDI Context
Potential Servlets and JSP Migration Problems
Migrating Web Application Modules
Migrating Enterprise EJB Modules
EJB Migration
EJB Changes Specific to Application Server Platform Edition 8.1
Session Beans
Entity Beans
Message Driven Beans
Migrating Enterprise Applications
Application Root Context and Access URL
Applications With Form-based Authentication
Migrating Proprietary Extensions
Migrating UIF
Checking in the registry files
Checking for UIF binaries in installation directories
Migrating JDBC Code
Establishing Connections Through the DriverManager Interface
Using JDBC 2.0 Data Sources
Looking Up the Data Source Via JNDI To Obtain a Connection
Migrating Rich Clients
Authenticating a Client in Application Server 6.x
Authenticating a Client in Sun Java System Application Server Platform Edition 8.1
Using ACC in Application Server 6.x and Sun Java System Application Server Platform Edition 8.1

Chapter 7   Migrating a Sample Application - an Overview
Preparing for Migrating the iBank Application
Choosing the Target
Identifying the Components of the iBank Application
Manual Steps in the iBank Application Migration
Configuring Database Connectivity
Adding a Connection Pool
Adding a JDBC Resource
Adding a Persistence Manager
Assembling Application for Deployment
Using the asadmin Utility to Deploy the iBank Application on Application Server

Chapter 8   Migration Tools and Resources
Migration Tool for Sun Java System Application Server 8.1
Redeploying Migrated Applications
J2EE Application Verification Kit
More Migration Information
Migrating from KIVA/NAS/NetDynamics Application Servers

Appendix A   iBank Application Specification
Database Schema
Application Navigation and Logic
Login Process
View/Edit Details
Account Summary and Transaction History
Fund Transfer
Interest Calculation
Application Components
Data Components
Business Components
Application Logic Components (Servlets)
Presentation Logic Components (JSP Pages)
Potential Migration Issues
Java Server Pages
Enterprise Java Beans
Entity Beans
Session Beans
Application Assembly


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