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Sun Java Systems Access Manager 6 2005Q1 Federation Management Guide 


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Part I Liberty Specifications and Federation Management

Chapter 1   Introduction to the Liberty Alliance Project
LAP Members
LAP Objectives
The Concept of Identity
The Concept of Identity Federation
Liberty Alliance Project Concepts
The Liberty Alliance Project Specifications
Liberty Identity Federation Framework
Single Sign-on and Federation Protocol
Name Registration Protocol
Federation Termination Protocol
Single Log-out Protocol
Name Identifier Mapping Protocol
Additional ID-FF Documents
Liberty Identity Web Services Framework
SOAP Binding Specification
Discovery Service Specification
Security Mechanisms Specification
Data Services Template Specification
Interaction Service Specification
Authentication Service Specification
Client Profiles for Liberty-enabled User Agents or Devices
Additional ID-WSF Documents
Liberty Identity Service Interface Specifications
Personal Profile Service
Employee Profile Service
Supporting Documents
Deploying a Liberty-based System
Size Up Your IT Staff
Clean Your Directory Data
Draft Business Agreements
Liberty-compliant Technology

Chapter 2   Implementation of the Liberty Specifications
Name Identifier Mapping Protocol
Single Sign-on and Federation Protocol
Dynamic Identity Provider Proxying
Affiliation Federation
One-Time Federation
Name Identifier Encryption Profile
Liberty Metadata Description and Discovery Specification
Liberty Use Cases
Unified Access to Intranet Resources
Integrated Partner Networks
Sample Use Case Process
Access Manager Implementations
Web Services
Authentication Web Service
Discovery Service
Liberty Personal Profile Service
SOAP Binding
Application Programming Interfaces
Federation Management Module
Packages and Global Interfaces
Liberty-based Samples

Chapter 3   Federation Management
The Federation Management Interface
The Process of Federation
Pre-login Process
Single Sign-on Process
Common Domain Services
Installing the Common Domain Services
Common Domain Service URLs
Federation Management
Authentication Domains
Creating and Maintaining Authentication Domains
To Create An Authentication Domain
To Modify An Authentication Domain
To Delete An Authentication Domain
Entity Descriptors
Provider Entity Descriptor
Affiliate Entity Descriptor
Creating and Maintaining Entity Descriptors
To Create an Entity Descriptor of Either Type
To Configure a Provider Entity Descriptor
To Configure an Affiliate Entity Descriptor
To Delete an Entity Descriptor of Either Type
Federation Management API
Federation Management Samples
Installing Access Manager
Updating and Loading the Metadata
Deploying the Service Provider
To Configure
To Create a WAR File for SP1
To Deploy the Service Provider WAR File
Deploying the Identity Provider
To Configure
To Create a WAR File for IDP1
To Deploy the Identity Provider WAR File
Creating and Managing a Federation
To Federate the Service Provider and Identity Provider Accounts
To Accomplish Single Sign-On
To Perform a Single Logout
To Terminate Account Federation

Part II Liberty-based Web Services

Chapter 4   Authentication Web Service
XML Service File
Application Programming Interfaces
Authentication Web Service Process
Authentication Web Service Attribute
Mechanism Handler List
key Parameter
class Parameter
Authentication Web Service Interfaces
Authentication Web Service Sample

Chapter 5   Data Services
Data Services Template Specifications
Liberty Personal Profile Service
XML Service File
XSD Schema Definition
Liberty Employee Profile Service
XML Service File
XSD Schema Definition
Data Services Template API
Liberty Personal Profile Service
The Liberty Personal Profile Service Process
Liberty Personal Profile Service Attributes
ResourceID Mapper
Attribute Mapper
Provider ID
Name Scheme
Namespace Prefix
Supported Containers
PPLDAP Attribute Map List
Require Query PolicyEval
Require Modify PolicyEval
Extension Container Attributes
Extension Attributes Namespace Prefix
Is ServiceUpdate Enabled
Service Instance Update Class
Alternate Endpoint
Liberty Employee Profile Service
Data Services Template API
Developing A New Data Service

Chapter 6   Discovery Service
Discovery Entries
XML Service Files
Application Programming Interfaces
Discovery Service Architecture
Discovery Service Process
Discovery Service Attributes
Provider ID
Supported Authentication Mechanisms
Supported Directives
Enable Policy Evaluation for DiscoveryLookup
Enable Policy Evaluation for DiscoveryUpdate
Authorizer Plugin Class
Entry Handler Plugin Class
Classes For ResourceIDMapper Plugin
Authenticate Response Message
Generate SessionContextStatement for Bootstrapping
Encrypt NameIdentifier in Session Context for Bootstrapping
Use Implied Resource; don't generate ResourceID for Bootstrapping
Resource Offerings for Bootstrapping Resources
Discovery Entries and Resource Offerings
Storing Discovery Entries as User Attributes
Storing Discovery Entries as Dynamic Attributes
Storing Discovery Entries for Bootstrapping
Discovery Service Interfaces
DefaultDiscoAuthorizer Implementation
Default ResourceIDMapper Implementations
DiscoEntryHandler Interface
Client APIs
Discovery Service Sample

Chapter 7   SOAP Binding Service
XML Service File
Application Programming Interfaces
SOAP Binding Process
SOAP Binding Attributes
Request Handler List
key Parameter
class Parameter
Web Service Authenticator
Supported Authentication Mechanisms
SOAP Binding Interfaces

Chapter 8   Application Programming Interfaces
Overview of Public Interfaces
Common Service Interfaces
Common Security API
Interaction Service API
Configuring the Interaction Service
Interaction Service API
PAOS Binding
PAOS Binding API
PAOS Binding Sample

Part III Appendices

Appendix A   Included Samples
Federation Framework Samples
Web Services Framework Samples

Appendix B   Service Schema Files
SOAP Binding Schema
Personal Profile Schema
Employee Profile Schema
Authentication Web Service Schema
PAOS Binding Schema
Metadata Description Schema



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