This document provides documentation links, safety information, technical support, and customer suggestion information for Oracle’s Sun Netra CP3060 ATCA blade server.

Where to Find the Documentation

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Safety Considerations

For general safety information, refer to Important Safety Information for Sun Hardware Systems (821-1590), which shipped with the blade server. For product-specific safety information, refer to the Sun Netra CP3060 ATCA Blade Server Safety and Compliance Manual (819-4965).

Contacting Technical Support

If you have technical questions about this product that are not answered in this document,
go to:

When you call, tell them that the product was purchased separately and is not associated with a system. Have the product identification information ready when you call. You can find the part number, serial number, and revision level on labels on the product. If possible, have the product in front of you when you contact TS.

When Returning a Component

You must get Return Material Authorization (RMA) numbers from TS or the World Wide Solution Center for each component you intend to return. Ensure that these RMA numbers are on the boxes containing the returned components.

If TS asks for a system serial number, be sure to indicate that the product was purchased separately and is not associated with a system. TS will give you specific details on the return procedure for your geographic area.

Remove any installed advanced mezzanine card (AMC) drive or device before returning the blade server. Refer to the Sun Netra CP3060 ATCA Blade Server User’s Guide for instructions.

Product Documentation

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