Sun GlassFish Enterprise Server v3 Prelude Administration Guide

Command-Line Utility for Administration (asadmin)

The asadmin utility is a command-line tool that invokes commands for identifying the operation or task that you want to perform. You can run asadmin commands either from a command prompt or from a script. Running asadmin commands from a script is helpful for automating repetitive tasks.

Note –

Not all asadmin command options are supported for this release of Enterprise Server. If you specify an unsupported option, a syntax error does not occur. Instead, the command runs successfully and the unsupported option is silently ignored.

The following topics are addressed here:

Help for the asadmin Utility

The asadmin(1M) help page explains the basics of how the asadmin command works. To display the help page for the asadmin utility, type asadmin without a subcommand.

You can display a help page for an asadmin command by typing the command name followed by the --help option. For example:

asadmin create-jdbc-resource --help

Note –

To display the help page for a remote command, Enterprise Server must be running.

Use the asadmin list-commands command to display the available commands. A collection of the asadmin help pages is available in HTML and PDF format in the Sun GlassFish Enterprise Server v3 Prelude Reference Manual.

To Start the asadmin Utility

To issue an asadmin command, go to the default as-install/bin directory and type the asadmin command and a subcommand. For example:

asadmin create-jdbc-resource

A list of the asadmin commands included in this release is contained in Appendix A, The asadmin Utility Commands.