Sun GlassFish Enterprise Server v3 Prelude Administration Guide

ProcedureTo Change the Log File Name or Directory

By default, the name of the log output file is server.log and it is located in domain-dir/logs. You can change the name or location of the file by editing the file as follows:

  1. In a text editor, find the following line:


    In this line, logs indicates the directory where the file is located, and server.log is the file name.

  2. Make your changes and save the file.

  3. To apply your changes, restart Enterprise Server.

    1. Stop Enterprise Server.

      For instructions, see To Stop a Domain (or Server).

    2. Start Enterprise Server.

      For instructions, see To Start a Domain (or Server).

Example 9–6 Changing the Name and Location of the Log File

The following example changes the log file name from server.log to myLogging.log and changes the location from the logs directory to the dpin directory: