Sun GlassFish Enterprise Server v3 Prelude Developer's Guide

JACC Support

JACC (Java Authorization Contract for Containers) is part of the Java EE specification and defined by JSR 115. JACC defines an interface for pluggable authorization providers. Specifically, JACC is used to plug in the Java policy provider used by the container to perform Java EE caller access decisions. The Java policy provider performs Java policy decisions during application execution. This provides third parties with a mechanism to develop and plug in modules that are responsible for answering authorization decisions during Java EE application execution. The interfaces and rules used for developing JACC providers are defined in the JACC 1.0 specification.

The Enterprise Server provides a simple file-based JACC-compliant authorization engine as a default JACC provider, named default. An alternate provider named simple is also provided. To configure an alternate provider using the Administration Console, open the Security component under the relevant configuration, and select the JACC Providers component. For details, click the Help button in the Administration Console.