Sun GlassFish Enterprise Server v3 Prelude Developer's Guide

Value Added Features

The Enterprise Server provides a number of value additions that relate to EJB development. These capabilities are discussed in the following sections. References to more in-depth material are included.

Bean-Level Container-Managed Transaction Timeouts

The default transaction timeout for the domain is specified using the Transaction Timeout setting of the Transaction Service. A transaction started by the container must commit (or rollback) within this time, regardless of whether the transaction is suspended (and resumed), or the transaction is marked for rollback.

To override this timeout for an individual bean, use the optional cmt-timeout-in-seconds element in sun-ejb-jar.xml. The default value, 0, specifies that the default Transaction Service timeout is used. The value of cmt-timeout-in-seconds is used for all methods in the bean that start a new container-managed transaction. This value is not used if the bean joins a client transaction.