Sun GlassFish Enterprise Server v3 Prelude Developer's Guide


The following annotations are used in automatic schema generation: @AssociationOverride, @AssociationOverrides, @AttributeOverride, @AttributeOverrides, @Column, @DiscriminatorColumn, @DiscriminatorValue, @Embedded, @EmbeddedId, @GeneratedValue, @Id, @IdClass, @JoinColumn, @JoinColumns, @JoinTable, @Lob, @ManyToMany, @ManyToOne, @OneToMany, @OneToOne, @PrimaryKeyJoinColumn, @PrimaryKeyJoinColumns, @SecondaryTable, @SecondaryTables, @SequenceGenerator, @Table, @TableGenerator, @UniqueConstraint, and @Version. For information about these annotations, see the Java Persistence Specification.

For @Column annotations, the insertable and updatable elements are not used in automatic schema generation.

For @OneToMany and @ManyToOne annotations, no ForeignKeyConstraint is created in the resulting DDL files.