Sun GlassFish Enterprise Server v3 Prelude Developer's Guide

Using PHP

To enable PHP, deploy the Quercus PHP interpreter to the Enterprise Server as a web module as follows:

  1. Download the Quercus interpreter from

  2. Deploy the WAR file you downloaded to the Enterprise Server.

  3. To verify that your PHP engine is working, point your browser to the default PHP script that comes with the Quercus interpreter, which is http://localhost:8080/quercus-3.1.6/.

  4. The Quercus application directory is located at domain-dir/applications/quercus-3.1.6/. Place your PHP application in a subdirectory of the Quercus directory, for example domain-dir/applications/quercus-3.1.6/myapp/. To point your browser to the PHP application, enter http://localhost:8080/quercus-3.1.6/myapp/.

For more information about using the Quercus PHP interpreter, see the documentation at