Sun GlassFish Enterprise Server v3 Prelude Application Deployment Guide

The Administration Console Deployment Pages

You can use the Administration Console to deploy modules to both local and remote Enterprise Server sites.

ProcedureTo Use the Administration Console for Deployment

  1. Open the Applications component.

  2. Go to the page for the type of application or module.

    For example, for a web application, go to the Web Applications page. You can undeploy, enable, or disable an application or module from the table on this page.

  3. Click on the Deploy button.

    On this page, you type the path to the WAR, JAR, or the exploded directory structure. You can also specify deployment settings that vary according to the type of module.

See Also

For details, click the Help button in the Administration Console.

For more information on deploying from an exploded directory structure, see Directory Deployment.