Sun GlassFish Enterprise Server v3 Prelude Application Deployment Guide


Specifies the absolute jndi-name of a URL resource or a resource.

For entity beans and session beans, this value specifies the global JNDI name of the EJBHome object. It is only needed if the entity or session bean exposes a remote view.

For JMS message-driven beans, this is the JNDI name of the JMS resource from which the message-driven bean consumes JMS messages. This information is alternatively specified within the activation-config subelement of the mdb-resource-adapter element.


ejb-ref, message-destination, resource-env-ref, resource-ref (sun-web.xml, sun-ejb-jar.xml); cmp-resource, ejb, mdb-connection-factory (sun-ejb-jar.xml)


none - contains data