Getting Started With Project jMaki for the GlassFish v3 Application Server

Creating a jMaki Web Application

The NetBeans 6.1 IDE jMaki 1.1 plug-in allows you to quickly and easily create jMaki applications.

With the plug-in, you can drag and drop jMaki widgets onto JSP pages and customize the widgets. When you create a page using the plug-in, you have a choice of templates to use for the page. You can read about the templates and see what they look like by visiting the jMaki Layouts page.

ProcedureCreating a jMaki Web Application

After you complete the following task, the IDE creates a web application with the necessary resources. The Web Pages node contains the following items:

The IDE opens the index.jsp page in the editor pane after you create the application.

  1. Choose File > New Project.

  2. Under Categories, select Web.

  3. Under Projects, select Web Application and click Next.

  4. Type the name of your application in the Project Name field.

  5. Change the Project Location to any directory on your computer.

  6. Select GlassFish V3 TP2 for the server.

  7. Keep the other settings at their default and Click Next.

  8. Select the jMaki Ajax Framework and select a template from the CSS layout pane.

  9. Click Finish.