Getting Started With JRuby on Rails for Sun GlassFish Enterprise Server v3 Prelude

Introduction to Warbler

In Deploying and Running a Rails Application, we have seen how to deploy a rails application directly to Enterprise Server. Warbler provides an easier way to deploy a rails application to a java application server.

What is Warbler

Warbler is a gem that makes .war file out of a Rails, Merb, or Rack-based application. Warbler provides a minimal, flexible, ruby-like way to bundle application files for deployment to a java application server.

Warbler provides a set of out-of-the box defaults to allow most Rails applications to assemble and work without external gem dependencies.

Warbler bundles JRuby and the JRuby-Rack servlet adapter for dispatching requests to the application inside the java application server, and assembles all jar files in <WARBLER_HOME>/lib/ directory into the application.

To learn more about Warbler, see Warbler.