Sun GlassFish Enterprise Server v3 Prelude Installation Guide

Setting up the Installation Answer File

The answer file forms the template for silent installation, which you can use later to install the software on one or more machines. The installation answer file is created when you use a trial mode (-n) option when you start an interactive installation. In trial mode, actual installation does not happen.

During the interactive installation, you can accept the default values presented, or you can change them. Your input is collected and stored in the answer file, and you can use the answer file as is, or you can modify the answer file before you use it.

ProcedureTo Create the Installation Answer File

When you perform this task, you will see the installation wizard, which is used to generate the answer file. Actual installation will not happen.

Before You Begin

Ensure that your system meets the requirements that are stated in Required JDK Version in Sun GlassFish Enterprise Server v3 Prelude Release Notes.

  1. Go to the Enterprise Server v3 Prelude download page.

  2. Download the self-extracting installer file.

    • Solaris, Linux, and MacOS X systems

      Sun Download Center

      GlassFish Community

    • Windows systems


      Sun Download Center


      GlassFish Community

  3. Start an installation in trial mode.

    1. Change to the directory where you downloaded the self–extracting file.

    2. If necessary, grant execute permissions to the self–extracting file.

    3. From the command line, type:

      distribution-file -n answer-file

      distribution-file is the name of the file that you downloaded in Step 2.

      -n option specifies trial mode to create a save file to use for silent mode.

      answer-file is the name you assign to your answer file. If you do not include a path to the installation answer file, the file is created in the directory where you run the installation program.

      For example: -n v3–prelude-answer

    The Welcome screen of the Enterprise Server v3 Prelude installer appears.

  4. Click Next.

  5. Read and accept the terms of the license agreement.

  6. Specify where to install Enterprise Server.

    • To use the default directory, click Next.

      The software will be installed in one of the following directories:

      • Solaris, Linux, and MacOS X systems: user's-home-directory/glassfishv3-prelude

      • Windows systems: C:\glassfishv3-prelude

    • To use another directory for installing Enterprise Server, type the installation directory path that you set up, and click Next.

    This document refers to the directory you choose for installing as as-install .

  7. Specify the Administration Settings.

    1. Select the type of user.

      • To allow access to the Administration Console without a password, select the Configure as anonymous user button.

      • To require a password for access to the Administration Console, select the Provide username and password button.

        Note –

        Username and password are case sensitive.

    2. Type port numbers for the Administration Console and HTTP transmissions.

    3. If you selected the Provide username and password button, type the user name.

    4. If you selected the Provide username and password button, type the password.

  8. (Optional) Specify whether to install Update Tool.

    Update Tool provides a graphical interface for adding components to Enterprise Server.

    1. If you are not installing Update Tool, clear the Install Update Tool check box.

    2. If you are installing Update Tool and your machine accesses the Internet through a proxy, specify the proxy host and proxy port.

    3. If you do not require the automatic notifications of available updates after installation, clear the Enable Update Tool check box.

    Note –

    If you plan to register Enterprise Server with Sun Connection, specify the proxy host and proxy port, even if you are not installing Update Tool.

  9. Review the Ready to Install selections, and click Install.