Sun Cluster Software Installation Guide for Solaris OS

ProcedureHow to Assign a New Minor Number to a Device Group

If device group registration fails because of a minor-number conflict with another disk group, you must assign the new disk group a new, unused minor number. Perform this procedure to reminor a disk group.

  1. Become superuser on a node of the cluster.

  2. Determine the minor numbers in use.

    phys-schost# ls -l /global/.devices/node@1/dev/vx/dsk/*
  3. Choose any other multiple of 1000 that is not in use to become the base minor number for the new disk group.

  4. Assign the new base minor number to the disk group.

    phys-schost# vxdg reminor diskgroup base-minor-number

Example 5–2 How to Assign a New Minor Number to a Device Group

This example uses the minor numbers 16000-16002 and 4000-4001. The vxdg reminor command reminors the new device group to use the base minor number 5000.

phys-schost# ls -l /global/.devices/node@1/dev/vx/dsk/*
brw-------   1 root     root      56,16000 Oct  7 11:32 dg1v1
brw-------   1 root     root      56,16001 Oct  7 11:32 dg1v2
brw-------   1 root     root      56,16002 Oct  7 11:32 dg1v3
brw-------   1 root     root      56,4000 Oct  7 11:32 dg2v1
brw-------   1 root     root      56,4001 Oct  7 11:32 dg2v2
phys-schost# vxdg reminor dg3 5000

Next Steps

Register the disk group as a Sun Cluster device group. Go to How to Register a Disk Group.