Sun Cluster Software Installation Guide for Solaris OS

Guidelines for the /globaldevices File System

Sun Cluster software requires you to set aside a special file system on one of the local disks for use in managing global devices. This file system is later mounted as a cluster file system. Name this file system /globaldevices, which is the default name that is recognized by the scinstall(1M) command.

The scinstall command later renames the file system /global/.devices/node@nodeid, where nodeid represents the number that is assigned to a node when it becomes a cluster member. The original /globaldevices mount point is removed.

The /globaldevices file system must have ample space and ample inode capacity for creating both block special devices and character special devices. This guideline is especially important if a large number of disks are in the cluster. A file system size of 512 Mbytes should suffice for most cluster configurations.