Sun Cluster Data Service for Oracle RAC Guide for Solaris OS

ProcedureHow to Create a VxVM Shared-Disk Group for the Oracle RAC Database

Note –

Perform this task only if you are using VxVM with the cluster feature.

If you are using VxVM with the cluster feature, VxVM requires a shared-disk group for the Oracle RAC database or ASM to use.

Before You Begin

Note the following points.

  1. Use VERITAS commands that are provided for creating a VxVM shared-disk group.

    For information about VxVM shared-disk groups, see your VxVM documentation.

  2. If you are using ASM, specify the raw devices that you are using for the ASM disk group.

    To specify the devices, modify the ASM_DISKSTRING ASM instance-initialization parameter.

    For example, to use the /dev/md/setname/rdsk/d path for the ASM disk group, add the value /dev/md/*/rdsk/d* to the ASM_DISKSTRING parameter. If you are modifying this parameter by editing the Oracle initialization parameter file, edit the parameter as follows:

    ASM_DISKSTRING = '/dev/md/*/rdsk/d*'

    If you are using mirrored devices, specify external redundancy in the ASM configuration.

    For more information, see your Oracle documentation.

Next Steps

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