Sun Cluster Data Service for Oracle RAC Guide for Solaris OS

Installing Oracle RAC Software

For detailed instructions for installing Oracle RAC, see your Oracle documentation.

Installing Binary Files and Configuration Files on a Shared File System

To simplify the maintenance of your Oracle installation, you can install the Oracle binary files and Oracle configuration files on a shared file system. The following shared file systems are supported:

If you are installing the Oracle binary files and Oracle configuration files on a shared file system, specify the absolute paths to the file system when the Oracle installation tool requests this information. Do not use a symbolic link whose target is the shared file system.

Overriding Networking Defaults for Oracle 10g CRS

By default, the network interfaces panel of the Oracle 10g Universal Installer shows all interfaces as private. If you are installing Oracle 10g RAC for use with Sun Cluster, override these defaults as follows:

Installing CRS on a Subset of Sun Cluster Nodes

By default, the Oracle installer installs CRS on all nodes in a cluster. Instructions for installing CRS on a subset of Sun Cluster nodes are available at the Oracle MetaLink web site. See Oracle MetaLink note 280589.1 How to install Oracle 10g CRS on a cluster where one or more nodes are not to be configured to run CRS.

Next Steps

The next steps depend on the location of your Oracle binary files and Oracle configuration files. See the following table.

File Location 

Next Step 

Shared file system 

Creating Node-Specific Files and Directories for a Shared File System

Local disks of each node 

Verifying the Installation of Oracle RAC