Sun Cluster Data Service for Samba Guide for Solaris OS

Dependencies Between Sun Cluster HA for Samba Components

If your Samba resource requires winbind, you must configure a start dependency on the winbind resource.

You will be required to set this dependency after you have created the Samba and winbind resources and will be prompted to do so later on within Registering and Configuring Sun Cluster HA for Samba.

Table 3 list the various dependencies.

Table 3 Samba components and their dependencies



Samba resource  

(smbd and nmbd)

The winbind resource (If the Samba resource requires winbind services)

The smbd Logical Host resource

The smbd HA Storage resource

winbind resource  


The winbindd Logical Host resource

The winbindd HA Storage resource

Note –

Dependencies against the relevant component's Logical Host or HA Storage resource will be set for you when the Samba and winbind resources are registered.