Sun Cluster Data Service for Samba Guide for Solaris OS

Restriction for the Location of Samba files

The Samba files are where the Samba shares and smb.conf files are stored. The Sun Cluster HA for Samba data service requires that these files are stored within a configuration directory that reflects the NetBIOS name for the Samba or winbind instance. The Samba files needs to be placed on shared storage as either a cluster file system or a highly available local file system.

The following deployment example has been taken from Appendix A, Deployment Example: Installing Samba packaged with Solaris 10, where the configuration directory is /local/samba/smb1 which is a highly available local file system and the NetBIOS name is smb1.

Vigor5# mkdir -p /local/samba/smb1
Vigor5# cd /local/samba/smb1
Vigor5# mkdir -p lib logs private shares var/locks

Note –

If Samba is downloaded and compiled from you may also want to consider placing these binaries on a cluster file system or highly available local file system.

Refer to Determining the Location of Application Binaries in Sun Cluster Data Services Planning and Administration Guide for Solaris OS for a discussion on cluster file systems and highly available local file systems.