Sun Cluster Data Service for Samba Guide for Solaris OS

ProcedureExample: Prepare the Cluster for Samba

  1. Install and configure the cluster as instructed in Sun Cluster Software Installation Guide for Solaris OS.

    Install the following cluster software components on node Vigor5.

    • Sun Cluster core software

    • Sun Cluster data service for Samba

  2. Add the logical host name to /etc/hosts and /etc/inet/ipnodes

    Vigor5# grep SMB1 /etc/hosts /etc/inet/ipnodes
    /etc/hosts:	SMB1#20
    /etc/inet/ipnodes:	SMB1#20
  3. Install and configure a Zettabyte File System

    1. Create a ZFS pool.

      Note –

      The following zpool definition represents a very basic configuration for deployment on a single-node cluster.

      You should not consider this example for use within a productive deployment, instead it is a very basic configuration for testing or development purposes only.

      Vigor5# zpool create -m /local HAZpool c1t1d0
    2. Create a ZFS

      Vigor5# zfs create HAZpool/samba
  4. Create the Samba Fault Monitor Userid in the Global Zone

    Vigor5# groupadd -g 1000 samba
    Vigor5# useradd -u 1000 -g 1000 -s /bin/false homer