Sun Cluster Data Service for Sun Grid Engine Guide for Solaris OS

Configuration Restrictions

The configuration restrictions in the subsections that follow apply only to Sun Cluster HA for Sun Grid Engine.

Caution – Caution –

Your data service configuration might not be supported if you do not observe these restrictions.

Sun Grid Engine Shadow Daemon

Do not use the Sun Grid Engine shadow daemon. The Sun Grid Engine shadow daemon provides an optional mechanism for recovery from failures. This mechanism interferes with the automatic fault recovery that Sun Cluster provides.

Sun Grid Engine Berkley DB spooling server

Do not choose the option to use a Berkley DB spooling server. Either choose the Classic spooling method or the local Berkley DB spooling method. Currently it is not possible to configure the Berkley DB spooling server in a highly available way within the Sun Cluster framework.

Start at Boot Option

Do not choose the start at boot option when installing Sun Grid Engine. To ensure that Sun Cluster HA for Sun Grid Engine can provide fault monitoring and automatic fault recovery, Sun Grid Engine must be started only by Sun Cluster.